3 Types of People I Admire the Most

3 Types of People I Admire the Most

Since we are kids we are encouraged to find a model to follow, someone to inspire us or someone to simply admire. I'm pretty sure most of you were encouraged at least once to pick a rock star, a sports champion, a singer, a president, an actor or actress or maybe your mom or dad to be inspired by. But all the inspiration doesn't come just by saying "oh, I like her or I wanna be like him", right? It's much more than that, we need to somehow relate to the person who are letting ourselves be inspired by.

I remember being a kid, then a teenager and being so exuberant in trying to find that role model, until I realized there are some key points I need to find first rather than choosing one person.

This is the thing I would speak about in this article, the key aspects that I admire the most at someone.

In the past six months, I've been put in the situation to work with people much more than I did it before, interacting with them in different ways than I did before and I ended up also putting myself under the magnifying glass. And I did that because I had to be perfectly aware which are my beliefs, which are my strengths, my weaknesses and which are the things I should take the battle for.

And while doing this introspection, I found out some patterns of behaviors seen at people I'm working with which inspire me and make me wanna do more, learn more, act more, help more, share more. So here there are.

Creativity is contagious. Pass it on. - Albert Einstein

I admire creative people.

Creativity became kind of cliché these days as everyone is talking and struggles on how to be creative in creating content, making photos, crafting different things. But you see? That's the beauty of it. I simply love the people who are so keen on doing something more, improving a skill that they're having, trying to take that extra mile in achieving a new step, experimenting, oh yes! experimenting until they find that sweet spot which suits them best. The examples here can be various - you're starting a blog, learn a new photo editor tool, start a podcast, manufacture jewelry, get involved in charity, create a tutorial, a workshop for your workmates, give the HR lady some hints on how to better promote the company and the list can continue.

Usually, those people give me that "I can do more" vibe, which is exactly what I'm looking for.  

Changing the way we think, we're changing the way we see.

I admire adaptable people.

I am working in a dynamic environment, where changes can happen very often.

Being adaptable is one of the strengths someone working in our work environment should have, and being surrounded by such people makes everyone's job easier. Embracing a change might not always be very easy, but keeping yourself positive and objective can help a lot.

Adaptable people usually don't spend their time complaining about how bad things are going, but they're giving their feedback and input on how to find a solution.

Curiosity is an addictive drug. - Kimberly Derting

I admire curious people.

Curiosity is one of the keys that keep us alive and most probably you won't see an intelligent person who is not curious first. Being curious makes the mind active and in a continuous search for questions and answers about the things we are passioned about. Being curious keeps your mind and eyes open to new challenges and possibilities, and you can see situations that normally are not so easy to spot.

We are all surrounded by tones of ideas, waiting to be discovered and explored, but only a curious mind can stop and analyze and can recognize them. The human brain is a muscle that needs to be trained, so our curiosity is.


💡Disclaimer: This article subjectively treats people's personalities, highlighting the way I am interacting with them and values such as being honest, sincere, funny or humble are not subject to it.

I strongly encourage every one of you to get surrounded by people who inspire you and who motivate you to become your best version.

Photo credits: Kenrick Mills, gustavo centurion