Whenever you feel stuck, ask yourself these 17 questions

Whenever you feel stuck, ask yourself these 17 questions
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Coaching has become a widely used term in recent times. However, when effective coaching is utilized, it can significantly expand your perspectives. If you can't afford a coach to help you generate ideas and solutions to a problem or challenge, you can learn to ask yourself the right questions. This can significantly change your viewpoint and help you solve your questions or uncertainties.

What specific questions can I ask myself to unlock creative answers?

💡 What exactly is happening right now?

💡 How is this affecting me?

💡 How would I like the situation to be different?

💡 What would be the positive impact of reaching the goal / finding a solution to my situation?

💡 What am I doing right now to overcome the situation?

💡 What steps have I made so far?

💡 What strategies should I implement to address this situation?

💡 What would I do if I weren't time/budget constrained?

💡 What would I do differently if it were to start all over again?

💡 Have I been in a similar situation before? How did I overcome that?

💡 What resources do I need to meet my objective? (people, skills...)

💡 Of all these resources, which are the ones I already possess?

💡 What can go wrong if I'm choosing this path forward? How can I overcome these potential situations?

💡 From all the people whom I know and who went through similar challenges like me, how would they solve this?

💡 What advice would I give to someone else facing this problem?

💡 What would I do if I were not afraid of failing?

💡 What’s the easiest step I can take right now?

‌You may think decisions are simple, but it takes significant effort to process all your thoughts and feelings in a given situation.

There are no right or wrong answers to these questions. The essential thing is to be honest with yourself and provide those answers to guide you in making further decisions.

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