The Monthly Dose of Testing Land - June 2024

The Monthly Dose of Testing Land - June 2024
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‌Here is your Monthly Dose of Testing Land, a list of what I'm exploring, mulling, and experiencing each month.

Twitter content I loved reading

Life is too short not to feel joy. Find joy every day. This post is an excellent reminder to see joy everywhere around us. Be joyful and happy with what you have now and today instead of waiting and hoping happiness will come with your next vacation or the next house you buy. I find this post truly inspiring and aligned with my thoughts and beliefs.

Kids are the most fantastic teachers of unconditional joy, and it's stunning how they find reasons to smile and be happy in the most ordinary things.

Photo by Caju Gomes / Unsplash

Book I'm reading

The Mountain Is You is a self-help book by Brianna Wiest. It discusses how to stop holding yourself back and start growing. The author explains that self-sabotage happens because of fears and doubts that keep us in our comfort zones. She says the first step is to notice these patterns and understand why we do them.

The book discusses healing from past hurts by using mindfulness and being kind to ourselves. It also gives practical advice on changing bad habits into good ones by setting realistic goals and creating a positive environment.

It’s written in a friendly and easy-to-understand style and includes exercises to help readers apply the ideas to real life.

This is taking your sandwich to a whole new level

Homemade basil pesto🌿 You only need a few ingredients and a blender.

🧀 80 g Parmesan cheese, cut into pieces, 🧄 1 garlic clove, 30 g pine nuts (I used almonds; I did not have pine nuts), 🌿 80 g fresh basil leaves (I used a combination of basil leaves and parsley leaves), 🫒 150 g extra virgin olive oil and ½ tsp fine sea salt.

Add pesto to your sandwich, and you're gonna thank me later!

iPhone navigation gestures I wish I had known sooner

This is by far my favorite one - the access hidden trackpad.

"Navigating and editing text on your ‌iPhone‌ can sometimes feel cumbersome, especially when trying to precisely place the cursor. Fortunately, Apple has integrated a hidden feature in the virtual keyboard that can make this task much easier."

Have a wonderful day, all!

Love, M. 🤍