My 2019 In Pictures

My 2019 In Pictures

Ho-ho-ho, it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! And we're close to end another year. A glorious one!

I ended the "My 2018 In Pictures" post with "Will see what 2019 brings!" and 2019 brought many good things.

I don't know about you, but at every end of the year, I'm saying "oh, this was my best year so far" and I mean it.

So, here's how my 2019 looked in pictures.


January was pretty much busy picking the right lighting, furniture, decorations for our new home. A lot of phone calls with the providers, emails exchanged with our designer, visits on the site and discussions with the workers.

Also, at the end of January, we held our first meetup under Romanian Testing Conference umbrella called Evening with Testers.


February 4th brought the biggest news of the year, we found out that we're going to be parents. Several thoughts ran through our minds, from happiness to fear to excitement to lots of questions.

It's not like we were completely taken by surprise, we wanted and planned to become parents in 2019.

Also, in February (karma!) I got the biggest challenge of my career, the Head of QA role in the company I'm working for. Oh well, I cannot deny I was happy to the moon and back but also a bit disappointed as I knew that I was having only 8 months of doing the role until I enter maternity leave. But were 8 months which prepared me for the role of my life - being a mother, teaching me to listen more, to be calmer and to deal better with uncomfortable situations.


The year continued with me picking the decorations for our new home. It might sound boring, but yeah, if you ever designed your house from scratch, you know it takes quite long until you're moving in.


In April I won a diversity ticket at JSHeroes and attending a conference addressed to developers was quite interesting.

It is said that is good to have dreams that someday might come true. In April one of my and my husband's dreams came true, we bought the car of our dreams.

The first ride was mine, should I say how stressful it was? Ha!


Oh, beautiful May.

On May 3rd we found out we're going to have a little girl! We couldn't be happier than that as we dreamed of having a baby girl as soon as we found out we're going to be parents.

Also in May we left our old apartment and moved into the new house. The whole process of moving all the things was quite exhausting also because I started to feel tired during pregnancy.  


I was part of the organizational crew for RTC (Romanian Testing Conference) and attended the event the second year in a row and as it was in 2018, this year was a great success too.

And on the personal side, I've got plenty of emotions as we were godparents to a couple of good and dear friends at their wedding ceremony.


In July we went on our first holiday of the year, we flew to Malta. It was quite a different one because it was the first time being abroad while being pregnant.

Also, in July I celebrated my birthday with a family reunion, parents, parents in law preparing a barbecue in the backyard.


Usually, in August we are having some days off for celebrating St. Mary and this year we took the chance to visit one of the most authentic places in Transylvania, Raven's Nest.


Oh well, on September 24th we met our baby girl. Since then our hearts are full of love than ever. I have to admit that is the most challenging role I have ever had, but the way she smiles and giggles cannot be substituted by anything else. Becoming a bit cheesy now - I was never a fan of babies neither kids, but when you're having your baby the world changes completely.


October was pretty much all about caring and loving the little bundle of joy. Baby sitting her, receiving our friends willing to see her, reading, taking some pictures inside, having chill walks around the house with the stroller, basically learning and enjoying the new life.


November was quite similar to October, caring the little baby.

Besides that, I made a huge step in making one of my dreams come true - having a homemade pouring soy candles company, ha! Which is the step? Oh well, I finally found an identity for it 🙌.

Macle Concept

Macle is formed by our names initials. According to Wikipedia, macle is a twin or double crystal and its meaning is the unification with the loved ones and the increase of the feeling of solidarity by making the relationships more complex and richer.

More details about it will follow, don't worry 😉.


Besides the holidays, in December we organised the baptism for our little girl and officially, she had her first party 🎉.

See you next year!🥂

Photo credit: all the pictures are mine.