4 Things To Pass Over The Generations

4 Things To Pass Over The Generations

If you know me, you know that I'm a "family first" kind of person and that I rarely share online things about my family. And I don't do it because family is a private thing for me and it should remain private.

Parents are our first role models and even if we want it or not, we are copying their behaviors, their body language, their way of speech, at least until we're able to define our own set of skills or at least until we can decide what is good or bad from what we have inherited.

Parents are usually the ones supporting our craziest ideas and unconditionally offering us a shoulder to cry on when we need it the most.

After I and my husband became parents to our little girl, I thought to all the things I have inherited from my parents, smiling and smirking whenever a bad habit learned from them came into my mind and I started to think which of these I would like to pass to my daughter too.

My dad is my role model in many aspects. And my mom does not like to hear it :) (joking). They both had a great impact on the woman I've become over the years.

Here are a part of the things I have inherited from my parents and I would like to pass them to my daughter.

To Be Responsible

For what I do and what I say.

They both are usually standing for what they are saying no matter the consequences (if someone gets upset or even if they are punished by their superiors for their opinions) and that's a thing I have learned to do too - not being afraid of taking the responsibility for my actions or my words. If I did something wrong, I know that I have to support the consequences. And I'm totally fine with that. This is maybe one of the most important things I would love my daughter to learn, to assume the responsibility for her actions no matter what.

To Be Honest

With myself first. And then with the others. To be honest with myself and be able to identify my strengths and more importantly, my weaknesses.  To be impartial and stay true to my beliefs when life situations are becoming shady.

And when life situations become too shady (like friendships, relationships, work environments) to have the power to move forward.

To Be On Time

Being on time is my second religion :) And if it happens to be late, I'm almost getting angry on myself or on the traffic jam, on the person who made me being late, ha.

I rarely have nightmares, but when I do, 80% of them are illustrating me being unable to pack myself and leave to get to some other place in time. Insane, I know.

I'm not sure if this is always a quality to have, but for me, people who manage to be on time on their appointments look more trustworthy.

Practice Is The Key

In the gymnasium, I struggled a lot with mathematics. But my lucky star was that my dad had and still has a good memory and he used to remember the kind of theory and exercises that we were teaching in the class by that time and he was able to help me with my homework.

Practice, practice, practice, he used to say. Without practice, you know nothing. And boy, I was hating him from the bottom of my heart in those moments. But wouldn't be the process too smooth if we can easily accept all our parent's recommendations?

This is something I'm trying to remember myself nowadays too. That without practice, without trying, failing, trying again you cannot learn what you have proposed to.


With all these good things, there is something though they didn't teach me or they didn't teach me well enough: how not to give up when things are getting harder to be accomplished. While I'm working with myself teaching me how to better deal with struggling situations, I would like to teach my daughter too.

Photo credit: Modestas Urbonas on Unsplash