The Monthly Dose of Testing Land - April 2024

The Monthly Dose of Testing Land - April 2024
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System Design news I digest

How Uber Computes ETA at Half a Million Requests per Second. If you're a tech enthusiast and love to dig into the architecture of software products from big brands, then this newsletter is just perfect for you. This article brought back memories of one college course I didn't enjoy - graphs.🤓

Drink I discovered

The Microdrink by Waterdrop consists of sugar-free small cubes that add fruity flavor to water. A friend recommended this product as she is trying to encourage her daughter to drink more water. The fruity taste makes it appealing for kids. I have chosen the Iced Tea Blueberry, and besides the berry taste, my chosen cubes also contain vitamin C and B3 (niacin).

Besides their excellent idea, what caught my attention about the brand was how they presented themselves online and their marketing strategy. It was just so appealing!

A quote that stood with me

Recently, I discovered Pick Up Limes on YouTube. One of her videos that have stuck with me is where she discusses micro habits that can make you feel better and references a quote from Kurt Vonnegut.


This is an excellent way to ground yourself and cherish the simple moments in life. Whenever your mind starts wandering and gets stuck in the past or gets anxious about the future, take a moment and focus on something pleasant around you. It could be the sun, a child's laughter, the smell of a flower, or the first sip of coffee. Then, think about that specific thing and say, "If this isn't nice, I don't know what is."

I promise you, it will make you feel more present.🫶

European sustainable toys brand I have discovered

Londji. This toy project originated in Barcelona, and the toys are manufactured in Europe. The level of detail in the design is remarkable! My daughter has the Cluck, Cluck, the Fox! board game, a collaboration game in which you must save the chickens and eggs from the fox's jaws. If you're looking for a fun family activity, I highly recommend this one - it's perfect for kids aged 3-6, and it's sure to be a blast!

Have a wonderful day, all!

Love, M. 🤍