It Is Perfectly Fine To Say "No"

It Is Perfectly Fine To Say "No"

Sometimes we feel the pressure of doing a lot of things and investing our time in different activities and by the end of the day, we feel exhausted from running and trying to accomplish all these requests.

And then we end up complaining how tired we are, being sorry that the day has only 24 hours and that we are losing ourselves through the number of activities waiting on our to-do list.

Hey, it is perfectly fine to say "no" to some of these things. Can you repeat after me, please?

It is perfectly fine to say "no".

◽It's ok to say "no" to a job that is not fulfilling you anymore, but it generates you more stress than a reward.

◽It's ok not giving too many explanations every time you make a decision who bothers someone else.

◽It's ok to say "no" and stay away from social media when everyone else is so anchored in it.

◽It's ok to say "no" dating a person by whom you are not feeling attracted.

◽It's ok to say "no" to an opportunity or activity which may sound so exciting to others, but you don't feel moved by it.

◽It's ok to say "no" to things that are not a priority for you.

◽It's ok to say "no" to gossip. In the worst-case scenario, it would make you look less popular. And so what?

◽It's ok to say "no" going out with a friend when you planned to enjoy the evening at home.

◽It's ok to say "no" to shots :) Party-pooper? So?

◽It's ok to say "no" to a customer requesting the moon.

◽It's ok to say "no" to something which collides with your life principles.

◽It's ok to say "no" to a second opinion. Sometimes it creates more confusion than it helps.

◽It's ok to say "no" when someone asks for money.

◽It's ok to say "no" to something you're not comfortable doing either at home or work.

Instead of a conclusion

Saying "no" can make you feel guilty, mean or ashamed because you think you are disappointing others.

But what if you're making an exercise starting from now on by cleaning up your plate and add only the flavors you're truly enjoying?

Photo credit: Gemma Evans on Unsplash